These 13 Freakish Creatures May Be Proof That There Is Evil In The World

9. Pink fairy armadillo

Although pink fairy armadillo is a fairly accurate name, pygmy armadillo would also suffice as they are tiny compared to other armadillo species, measuring in at around 10 centimetres. Although they are essentially sluggish above ground, they can burrow super-fast, particularly when threatened.

10. Red-lipped batfish

Although the red-lipped batfish is a fish, it doesn’t really act like one. It’s fins point downwards allowing them to sit on the seafloor and even appear to walk across it. They are found in the waters around the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador. The reason for the name should be obvious.

11. The Nutcracker

This human-like mouth, including the gold cavity-like filling, actually belongs to a fish! The lips and even plaque on the teeth look so eerily human-like.

12. Tarsier

Although tarsiers are very shy animals, their constant startled look is from their large eyes which they use at night. They are arboreal, meaning they live in the trees and they feed on insects and lizards. Sadly in captivity tarsiers can become stressed and have a tendency to commit suicide by banging their thin skull against objects.

Thorny dragon

Also called the thorny devil, this lizard’s spines are seriously sharp and an excellent way to deter predators. Native to the bush in Australia, these small dragon-like creatures can remarkably consume thousands of ants each day. When they cool down they become darker in colour.

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