Greek Newspaper Estia Kept Publishing Its Issues Inside Out For Years

Estia newspaper, named after the goddess Hestia, is published daily in Athens, Greece. It was founded in 1876 by Adonis Kyrou I as a weekly publication and it remained as a literacy magazine until 1894 the well-known poet and journalist Georgios Drosinis transform it into a daily newspaper about politics, culture and finance.

Estia is the only daily newspaper written in katharevousa, a purist and archaic form of modern Greek which was abolished in 1976 as the official administrative language. Its said that paper is aligned with the conservative, right-wing politics and advocated free market policies. Also the use of katharevousa is generally associated with conservative politics in Greece.

The paper’s first publication got misprinted accidentally, with page 1 being on the back of page 2 on the front. Rather then fixing the editor, Kyrou decided to continue the tradition and the paper was printed the same way until 1997, when they switched to a computerized system and had to abandon their tradition due to the technical difficulties getting the page flip right.

Source: Wikipedia

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