5 World Record Holding Animals

Today we have a list of animals that have made world record. What makes these record holding animals unique is their size.

On the list we have the world’s tallest dog, world’s tiniest deer species, cutest little horse, tallest cat and last but not the least, biggest frog species of the world.

Can’t wait to find out more about these animals? So let’s get it started!

Zeus — The Wonder Dog

Zeus — The Wonder Dog

The Great Dane named Zeus is our world’s tallest dog, coming from Michigan. Now you must be wondering how tall is he? Not 4ft, not 5ft, not even six feet but this giant dog is 7ft 4’ when it stands on its hind legs. Hmmm! Now that’s some record. This 3 year old dog weighs about 155lb and eats about 30lb of food per day, that’s approximately 12 cups of food. The dog measures about 44 inches from foot to withers.

The owner Denise Doorlag is very happy with her pet; this is what the proud owner has to say:

“Zeus is an awesome dog,” she quoted in her Guinness press release.”The only downside is that everything costs more; the food, medicines, transport. We had to get a van to be able to transport him, oh, and if he steps on your foot – he leaves bruises!”

And what is the reaction of people who first lay their eyes on this great dog? The owner tells, “The most common thing people ask is: ‘Is that a dog or a horse?’ and ‘Where’s his saddle?'”

Zeus has also broken the record of previous record holder tallest dog named Giant George who was also a Great Dane and only 1 inch smaller than Zeus.

Einstein — World Smallest Horse

Einstein — World Smallest Horse

This is one horse on which you can’t take a ride. Why? Because, it is the smallest horse in the world. How small is it? The pinto stallion named Einstein is only 14 inches tall and its weight is relative to a newly born baby that is 6lb. This tiny horse belongs to New Hampshire and was born at Tiz Miniature Horse Farm in 2010.

Currently Thumbelina with the height of 21 inches is the record holder for the world’s smallest horse from Missouri. But it is said about Einstein that unlike Thumbelina there is nothing dwarfish about the horse. Einstein is a perfect miniature of a healthy stallion.

This is what the co-owner Rachel Wagner has to say:

“Most of the ones that are really tiny are what we call dwarves and have some sort of dysmorphic features. This little guy is like all horses — he’s almost all leg,” she added, “He is very perfect looking little boy and not dwarfy looking at all.”

So why hasn’t the title not yet given to Einstein? The age criteria for the title is 4 years, so there are 2 more years to go when finally Einstein would be awarded the title.

Pudú — World tiniest species of Deer

Pudú — World tiniest species of Deer

You may have seen many deer at the zoo, but the ones we are about to tell you are the world’s smallest breed of deer ever known called Pudús. On average the Pudús reach a height of 13 to 17 inches and weighs around 14 to 30 lb.

There are two species of Pudús, The Northern Pudús belonging to Columbia, Peru and Ecuador and the Southern Pudús coming from Chile and Argentina. Both of these species have been classified as vulnerable species in IUCN Red List, in 2009.

The life span of Pudús is about 8 to 10 years in wild; the oldest recorded age of the pudú is 15 years. They are very sensitive animals and rumor is that in case of intense fear these deer die because of cardiac complications.

Trouble — World’s Tallest Cat

Trouble — World’s Tallest Cat

The record for the world’s tallest cat is held by Savannah Islands Trouble, also famously known as Trouble. This unique cat reached a height of 19 inches and belonged to a new breed of cats known as, “Savannah Cats”. Savannah cats are produced by crossing domestic felines with African Serval.

The cat was owned by Debbi Maraspini of Lodi, California. It died at the age of 4 years 5 months on 15 August, 2012.  Maraspini described her cat as playful, intelligent and very energetic. This is what the owner has to say about Trouble:

“Trouble seemed to enjoy all the attention he got, he’d sit up like a king or take a stroll about, like he owned wherever he was,” Maraspani adds, “He’d happily sit or lay for pictures with people. He completely dispelled any myths about Savannahs being wild or dangerous due to their exotic cat heritage.”

Goliath Frog — World’s Biggest Frog species

Goliath Frog — World’s Biggest Frog species

Have you ever seen a frog as big as a cat? The goliath frog is one such species of frog that has a size relative to a cat. The name Goliath means big, on average this frog reaches the size of 12.5 inches and weighs about 7.2 lb.

Where would you find these frogs? You may encounter these frogs in the rain forests of Western Africa. These frogs have the same diet as the regular frogs such as insects, crustaceans and fish. However, a bat was also found in the stomach of one of the Goliath frogs.

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