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All About Prescription Bottles

Prescription Bottles

We all have medicines prescribed by doctors. You might have some in your cabinet or handbag right now. Ever wondered why they are always colored orange? Why they are always small? Why always cylindrical? Here is all you need to know about prescription bottles. What are prescription bottles? Prescription bottles are containers, commonly cylindrical, for keeping... View Article

City with Most Billionaires

Moscow Russia Night

After reading the heading most of the people would be trying to guess, which city it is? Even some of you might be saying its London, New York or Beijing. But all of these are wrong answers, it’s actually Moscow. Yes! Located in the Eastern Europe in Russia, Moscow lies on the top of the list... View Article

Amazing Facts about Ladybugs

Insects & Arachnids

Can there be a more adorable beetle than a lady bug? This is one bug that you wouldn’t mind crawling on the palm of your hand. These bugs or should we say beetles, are scientifically called Coccinellidae and belong to the family of beetles. In North America they are known as ladybugs and in U.K. they are called... View Article

Coming in 2015 - Asteroid Miners

Space Asteroids

Man’s quest to conquer the outer space began since the time he has laid his foot on the moon. You may have heard or read in the news papers about the asteroids passing by the Earth, but have you ever wondered how much they are worth? These asteroids are rich in minerals such as iron, titanium and nickel... View Article

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