Useful and Handy Uses of Salt You Must Know

Salt is the king of all ingredients in the culinary world. In fact, it is the key ingredient that can make your food taste great. Did you know about the other tricks you can do with the salt? The Salt Institute states that there are 14,000 ways you can use salt. There can’t be a more versatile mineral than the salt and you will agree with us as soon as you will finish reading this article!

In the earliest civilizations, salt was used for preserving the food. At that time salt was hard to obtain. Thanks to the modern methods of production which have made salt the most commonly available mineral worldwide and has also made its supply inexhaustible. There is a huge variety of salts produced for the purpose of consumption. We have refined salt also known as table salt, unrefined salt or sea salt and iodized salt. Then there is kosher salt or processed form of sodium chloride into flat crystals and Epsom salt also known as magnesium sulfate. The salt that we commonly use is sodium chloride.


Since medieval times it has been used as a cleaning agent around the house, trust us you will forget about your toxic chemicals that you have been using for cleaning and would instantly switch to the non-toxic friendly, inexpensive and innocuous salt.

This is how you can make use of the miraculous salt:

Make Poached Eggs
The salt increases the temperature of the boiling water, so if you’ll add a little salt in the water for your poached eggs, it’ll help the eggs to set more quickly and reduces the cooking time.

Egg Freshness Test
If you want to check egg freshness take water in a bowl and add 2 to 3 tsp of salt in it. Now put eggs in this bowl, the fresh ones will sink at the bottom and the old eggs will float. Why does it happen? The older the eggs get the more buoyant they become, because as the egg ages the air cells also increases. But do not presume that the floating eggs are rotten, they are fit for use.

Prevents Fruits from Turning Brown
Usually when we peel or cut fruits like pears and apples, they start browning. Most of us use vinegar or lemon to stop them from changing color. Try this! Drop them in water that has been lightly salted, this won’t change their color.

Deodorize your Hands
So the smell of onions and garlic doesn’t come out of your hands? Mix a little salt in vinegar and rub your hands with the mixture. It will deodorize your hands.

Get High Peaks of Eggs
It takes a lot of time and effort to make high peaks with the egg whites or whip the cream, but if you will add a little salt (just a tiny pinch), it will save your efforts. The egg whites will easily turn into high peaks and the cream will get quickly whipped.

Preserves Cheese
If you want to save cheese from mold, you can wrap it in cheesecloth dabbed in saltwater and refrigerate.

Easy Cleaning of Oven
While baking casserole or a pie, if some of it gets dropped in the oven it becomes very difficult to clean it. It even smokes and smells bad. But if you will put a handful of salt on the spilled casserole or pie, it will not smoke and it will become easier for you to clean your oven afterwards.

Clean sink drains
A mixture of salt and hot water when poured in the kitchen sink, helps to deodorize the sink and also removes the grease from it.

Remove water marks
The water marks created by beverage glasses on the wooden furniture can be effectively cleaned with the help of salt and vegetable oil paste. Just rub a little on the marks and they will be gone.

Clean Refrigerators
A mixture of soda water and salt can be very helpful for cleaning the refrigerators and deodorize them.

Clean rust
It is very hard to get rid of rusts, but not to worry when salt is there for help. Make a paste of salt, cream of tartar and a little water. Rub on the surface where there is rust, dry and brush off, after that buff with a soft, dry cloth. Salt and lemon mixture is also helpful for the rusts, if used in the same way.

Attacks tough stains
Tough stains on clothes? Not a problem anymore. Salt can remove tough stains like wine, blood and also stains of perspiration. Saltwater can also brighten up the color of your faded clothes.

If your clothes are color fast, rinse them in ½ gallon water mixed with ½ cup salt and ½ cup vinegar. Repeat until you get clear water.

Deter Ants
Whenever the ants sneak into your house you can make them run away. Just sprinkle some salt on the window sills and doorways or where ever you see them forming a line.

Keeps Flowers Fresh
Add a dash of salt to the water in the flower vase, this will extend the life of the flowers and will also keep them fresh.

Repair Walls
Nail holes can make your walls look ugly. You can fill these holes with a mixture of 2 tablespoon salt and 2 tablespoon cornstarch and 5 teaspoon water.

Oral care

Salt is very effective for maintaining oral hygiene. It makes you teeth sparkling clean, just use 2 parts baking soda and 1 part salt for brushing and see the difference. You can make a salt rinse as well. Use 1 teaspoon salt in half cup of warm water and gargle with it, this mouthwash will not only save you from bad breath but would also protect you from gum disease. Use it twice a day. This mouthwash is also effective for sore throat.

Relieves Insect Bites
If you get a bee sting, dampen the affected area and put salt on it. Salt will reduce the swelling and pain. You can also put saltwater on mosquito bites, as it is effective for soothing the itch.

Exfoliate your Skin
Looking for a natural scrub to remove away the dirt and dead cells? Use salt and it will boost your blood circulation and would also make your skin glow.

Remedy for Burns
Salt is a very effective remedy for burns. Just cover the burnt area of your skin with salt, it will prevent scalding and would also prevent blisters to occur.

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