In Japan They Have Square Watermelons

Japanese who are famous for their innovations have once again done another impossible. Square Watermelons, and yes this was achieved the natural way without using any of the scientific approaches. For years consumers struggled to fir those large round melons in their refrigerators or other storage places which was usually followed by another problem of how to stack them on one another and latter how to cut the fruit for serving when it keeps on rolling.

Around 30 years ago a farmer living on the south-western island of Shikoku with a forward-thinking mind solved the problem with a great interception. The farmer came up with the idea of making a cube-shaped watermelon which could be packed, stored and served with great ease.

To turn this into reality the farmer kept the fruits in cube shaped glass boxes which made the fruits with the passage of growth assume the same cubical shape. The innovation went viral and today the ‘Cuboid Watermelons’ are hand-picked and shipped all over Japan.

Awesome square watermelons in Japan

These watermelons look awesome on display but not all of the shoppers like them

Although this innovation worked like a charm, but also spiked the maintenance and farming cost which makes the fruit appealing and available only to the wealthy and fashion-conscious people who are mostly living in Tokyo and Osaka — Major cities of Japan.

The price difference is as much as twice or thrice the price of that old round shaped watermelon. Each of the Cuboid Melons sells for 10,000 yen which is roughly $115.

When asked from a women browsing departmental store she quoted, “I can’t buy it, it is too expensive.”

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