The Entire World Population can Sink into the State of Texas

There are many concerns these days about over population. Day by day you can see traffic increasing or housing developments being constructed around you. Where are these people coming from? There cannot be that many people in the world that your little town needs to turn into a suburb! There are seven billion people in the world. That is a huge number! The world has lands that have yet to be farmed or even disturbed how is it possible that the world is over populated?

The world is not technically over populated there are areas that have a higher human density than what it should. If you were to consider every square foot of the earth and divide it by the number of people on the planet we would all have a good chunk of square footage. However the majority of the earth is water, hence the reason for the perception of over population.

Fort Worth Texas at Sunset

It really is amazing that the entire world can fit in one state, a little scary considering the state but still amazing

If it comes down to the numbers the entire world’s population can fit in Texas. This has been said many times and when it comes down to basic math, it is true. Texas is 268,581 Square miles, if some amazing engineer were to design the father of all complexes; basically a China housing unit on steroids is the only thing that would work. The building would cover the entire state of Texas. Rivers, ponds, and creeks included; literally every square inch of Texas would be engulfed in this building. There would be one thousand square feet per person.

This is not a whole lot of space but is some. For those who are depth perception impaired, a thousand square feet is about the size of ten parking spaces. See, not very large. However since most live in groups the average “apartment” should be a few thousand square feet. Whoever the engineer and architect are will have their work cut out for them.

It really is amazing that the entire world can fit in one state, a little scary considering the state but still amazing. However, just because we can all fit in the state it does not take care of over -population because we have nowhere to shop, nowhere to grow food, and even with the best of recyclers in the building we will have to figure out a system for waste disposal of all kinds. There are hundreds of problems that make this very unique situation a mind boggling disaster.

How do we farm mass amounts if we are all shoved under the same roof. The thought that everyone in the entire world is under one roof is appealing in the sense that we would all have to work through the big problems together, so no more allies and enemies. We live together therefore we fight together.

Would we has a race come together to find a way to live in one gigantic musical note of harmony? Or would we choose the easier path of segregation and form our racial cliques as if we all live behind bars?

Not only do the concerns of how do we farm and raise cattle for food need to be addressed, but how do we survive in general. Idealistically we all go back to the barter system so than there would not be any reason to discuss whether we are using Pounds or Yen. Yet, where is commerce to commence?

Does Arizona get turned into the industrial super capital of the “new world of Texas”? Do we turn the inland border of Texas to the work force site? Like a belt of commerce around the housing unit? Either way that is a lot of traveling every day if you live in the most southern apartment of Texas.

Even though there seem to be many positive sides of placing the entire planet under one roof. Things such as, no more worries about nuclear missiles being launched at our country, maybe we will all agree on one language after a few centuries under one roof, currency could be eliminated. The whole idea is still a little intense. At least we have the knowledge that if need be, head for Texas.

It is true that Alaska is larger in square footage, but burr. The harvesting season is not incredibly promising nor is the survival rate. Then again maybe the planet trying to survive a few years in Alaska will completely solve the over-population issue in for us.

It is a wonder where these questions come from. Why is that once our population has grown to such vast quantities, do we want to know about stuffing everyone into one area?

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