Crocosaurus Cove: The Cage of Death

Crocosaurus Cove The Cage of Death

Crocosaurus Cove Darwin, Australia

The city of Darwin is the home to the most amazing and renowned reptiles of Australia. The Mitchell Street, located in the heart of Darwin is famous for its reptile park named, “Crocosaurus Cove”; it is one such tourist attraction that can give a closer view of Australia’s saltwater crocodiles. Crocosaurus Cove is known to have the largest display of the reptiles in the world including more than 200 crocodiles.

The tourists can enjoy a swim with the crocodiles or they can hold baby crocodiles in their hands. There is a fishing platform, where the visitors can feed fish to the crocodiles. Other attractions include a Turtle Sanctuary and a 200,000 liter large Aquarium, show casing the biggest fishes of Australia such as Barramundi, Whip rays and Sawfish. There is a reptile house located in the park that displays more than 70 reptile species found in Australia.

The Crocosaurus Cove not only let the tourists view the reptiles closely but also gives them a chance to experience their environment. One such breathtaking attraction of this park is the famous, “Cage of Death”. As the name suggests, this creepy cage gets you to encounter the most enormous and deadliest Saltwater Crocodiles of Australia. This particular attraction has brought a massive number of tourists, both locally and globally and has helped make Crocosaurus Cove to be a huge success.

Cage of Death Crocosaurus Cove

A woman ready for the deadliest journey of her life

The Cage is known to be functional in July 2008; since then it has been the headline of many media publications of the world all over. The Cage does not only bring the visitors one on one with the fierce predators but also let them experience their habitat.

The crew of the Crocosaurus Cove has been improvising the design of the cage and has been able to create a cylindrical shaped cage made up of 4cm wide acrylic glass sheet that allow to get a clear view of its surroundings. The top and bottom of the cage is enclosed with a metallic bar that gives a sense of security to the visitors who are participating in the dive.

Every tourist is given 15 minutes dive in the cage surrounded by the deadly reptiles and allows the visitor to observe them being fed by the experienced reptile handlers. The experience could be both thrilling and terrifying. The cage is designed to accommodate one or two people at a time. It is operated by an overhead monorail that suspends the cage above the enclosure and enables an up close look at the reptiles.

The tourists can get their pictures taken by the on-site photographers from all sides of the enclosure. The inhabitants of the Cage of Death include Chopper, Houdini, Bess and Denzel, out of which Chopper with the length of 18 feet and an amazing set of jaw is known to be the fiercest one. All the other crocodiles are known to be above 5 meters in length.

The Cage of Death is functional 10 times a day, starting from 10 am in the morning till 5 pm in the afternoon and is open seven days a week. The price of ticket for single cage is $150 per person and $110 for double cage per person and it also includes a full day entry to the park.

The minimum age limit for a participant is 15 years, but still adult supervision is recommended for participants under 18 years of age. Moreover parental consent of underage visitors is also required. An indemnity release form is signed by the contestants before the dive and their ID is acquired to determine their true age. In case of underage participants the indemnity release form is signed by the parents. The participants are called 20 minutes earlier so that they may confirm their dive timings; safety instructions are also given regarding the dive.

The indemnity release forms are presented to make the participants aware of the possible threats because previously an accident has also been witnessed during the dive. Luckily the participants were pulled out safely from the cage and this issue has been further resolved by innovating the design and shape of the cage. Although the Cage of Death could be life threatening but it can be an experience of a lifetime.

Cage of Death Crocosaurus Cove

While some are frightened watching huge crocodiles other enjoy their trip in Crocosaurus Cove

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