Cathie Jung — Guinness Record Holder for Smallest Waist

How slim could be the slim Cathie Jung? For your information her name is on the list of Guinness Book of Records as she has won the title of the person with the smallest waist. Now you must be wondering how thin her waist is. Well, it’s only 15 inches, that’s almost the same size of a regular jar of mayonnaise. Guess what? That’s even thinner than Barbie’s waist line, according to Barbie’s estimated vital statistics her waist line would be 18 inches but our Cathie Jung is way too slim.

Cathie Jung

Cathie Jung with a waist size of mere 15 inches

We know there are a lot of women out there dying to know her secret. No problem! We have it right here for you. The magic lies in the corset that she wears 24/7. This is what the champ has to say, “I probably have around 100 of them”. She is also known as the Queen of Corsets. Before we share her success story let’s have a little bit idea about the corsets.

A corset is garment commonly used by women to shape up the torso and can be used for aesthetic as well as medical purposes. Though corsets are being widely used by the fashion industry but the genuine corsets are believed to be made by corset makers, especially designed in accordance with every individual’s needs.
Now how do these corsets work? By wearing extremely tight corset constantly for over a long period of time, the desired figure could be attained. Usually the tight lacers dream to acquire 16 to 17 inches waist line, but even 20 inches make most of them happy. The corset can reduce waist line up to 2 to 4 inches and in some cases it can even help cut off 6 inches. However, the corset is not as much helpful for slender women as it is for larger women.

So what’s Cathie’s story? With the vital statistics 39”-15”-39” and a height of 5ft6in, our undisputed, “Corset Queen” Cathie Jung is the only living person with such a small waist. She reduced her waist by 11 inches with persistent efforts. They say behind every successful man there’s a woman, in Cathie’s case the reason for her success is a man, her husband Bob who motivated her time and time again to lose a few inches of her waist.

She was born in 1937 and resides in Old Mystic, Connecticut, US. She got married in the year 1959 with an orthopedic surgeon named Bob. Cathy is a mother of two sons and one daughter. Though Bob and Cathy dreamed of her having a very thin waist but they actually started working on this mission in the year 1985 that is after their daughter got married and left home. Why? Because her daughter criticized Cathy whenever she wore a corset, this is what Cathy has to say about her, “She was very optionated about what I was wearing and what I looked like and would say you’re not wearing this to MY school and things like that.”

So the first order for a corset was placed by her in 1985 from Ruth at B.R. Creations, which was 22” fit, she also bought a wide training belt. Cathie started to wear the corset every evening and at night she wore the training belt, so the journey to serious waist reduction began. By the end of that year Cathie attended the Bal Des Gracieuses (Corset Society’s Annual Ball held in London) wearing a 22” corset.
For the next ball that was about to be held in 1986 the target was set to 20” waist but Cathie exceeded the target and wore a 19” tight corset at the ball. After this event Cathie started to wear corset 24/7 and finally in 1992, on 8th Bal Des Gracieuses she fitted into a 15” corset. Without a corset Cathie has 19” waist.

Cathie’s waist brought her fame all over the world’s media. Besides her popular appearance at European and US television shows she also flew to Tokyo for guest appearance on a Japanese television show. She has also worked in the movie Cremaster 2 by Mathew Barney as a Guest star. Some of her pictures also appeared on the pages of New York Times style section and Life Magazine. Mostly you will find Cathie and even her husband dressed up in Victorian Style dresses.

Cathie Jung is not the first woman who has set such a record. The title of world’s thinnest waist was previously held by Ethel Granger in the year 1959, she had waist measuring 13 inches only. Ethel is known to have 16 inches waist without a corset and she started with 23 inches waist. So Ethel’s corset helped her reduce 10 inches from her waist i.e. from 23” to 13”. Also an actress named Polaire toned her waist with the help of a corset. Her waist was officially measured in the year 1910 and it was 14 inches with a corset.

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