Soldier Found Out His Wife Cheated With 60 Guys – This Is How He Got His Sweet Revenge

We often read stories about cheating wives and how well they paid the price off. Well once you cheat you should be ready for the trade-off, it’s either karma will teach you a lesson or just a sweet revenge from your husband. Likewise is the story that you’re about to read.

A US Soldier known as Frizzmaster, who also happens to be a Redditor, found out his wife cheated on him with up to 60 guys. If you step into his shoes, you’ll probably lose your head, take the law into your own hands, and do everything to make her pay. We can’t blame you, banging 60 guys is pretty unacceptable for a married woman. Just like you, Frizzmaster felt it was time to serve her some justice. However, he did it in the best way ever!

This is his story:

“At first, she’s all I could ever ask for in a woman. Sweet, caring, one hell of a cuddler. Doesn’t really like video games like I do, but makes an effort to get into them so we can spend time together doing something we both enjoy. Let’s call her Thundercunt, or TC for short.

I met TC through one of the other soldiers I worked with, who we will call BB (Battle Buddy), since he was not at fault in this. It was in the middle of the week, and I had just gotten a work order finished up and was taking a quick break for a drink of water. I heard BB asking a few other soldiers if they were open for a date for this coming weekend.”

So it started with a movie date…

“Now, I knew from a few other friends that BB was straight, so I was curious as to why he was asking. Long story short, BB had a female friend who was looking for a date for a movie that coming weekend. I offered to go with his friend (BIG mistake), and she and I hit it off rather well, and continued to see each other.

Months pass, it hasn’t been enough time for me to consider marriage yet, but she has some spontaneous ailments (seizues, and they were legit) spring up out of nowhere. Since these only seemed to happen in her sleep, and my command wouldn’t let me stay off-post with her without being married… LIGHTBULB We got a courtroom wedding 2 weeks later.”

Then they become husband and wife…

“The added bonus? Not only could I stay with her while she slept to be ready in case of another episode, but my Tricare would fully cover her medical costs. I was happy, she was happy.”

But his wife started acting strange…

“I started noticing things. Things like her needing to take her mother to the doctor’s office quite frequently (her mother was sickly, so I didn’t think much of it at first), or needing to head to the Walmart 1 town over because the one in our town didn’t have what she needed in stock. Things like the car I bought and let her use seen parked in a lot next to several different trailer parks in a month. Well, as luck would have it, right as I started to get suspicious, I came down on orders to PCS to Korea.”

He was shocked by what he found out…

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