These 13 Freakish Creatures May Be Proof That There Is Evil In The World

Nature is fascinating with its abundance of diversity. There are innumerable creatures with an equally innumerable number of ways for taking care of their business.

For example, a quick study will reveal many interesting forms of self-defense and strange mating strategies.

Here are 17 strange and awesome creatures that will totally creep you out!

1. Aye-aye

The rare aye-aye hails from Madagascar. It can be identified by its goggle-eyes, large bushy tail and alien-like fingers. Believe it or not, these creatures are related to apes and humans. Unfortunately for the aye-aye the native people believe they are an omen of bad luck and due to hunting and environmental pressure they are at high risk of extinction.

2. Dumbo octopus

Named after the elephant Dumbo from the Disney film, this octopus is the deepest living species of its family. They hoover just above the seafloor at depths of around 13,000 feet. We think it looks more like a marine Moomin.

3. Frill-necked lizard

Remember the Dilophosaurus frilled-necked dinosaur that saw off the computer programmer Dennis Nedry in Jurassic Park? Well here’s a real life one. The frill-necked lizard comes from northern Australia and you’ll be happy to know that unlike the film’s dinosaur it’s really small and doesn’t spit venom.

4. Ghost shark

The ghost shark is actually only a distant relative of the shark family. They live in cold water depths below 8,000 feet. They are not terribly well suited as a marine creature as they’re pretty poor swimmers, flapping their fins like a bird to propel forward. Although, they are still here so they must be doing something right.

5. Goblin shark

Very little is known about this odd looking shark. Few have ever been seen by humans and they are thought to be low in numbers. Their most unique feature is their jaw that protrudes out below their snout. Their dislike of sunlight has also given them the nickname vampire shark.

6. Hairy frogfish

These marine creatures are masters of disguise. The thousands of spines and ability to change colour allow them to blend in with the surrounding seaweed and coral. They are voracious carnivores eating fish the same size as themselves. These solitary fish prefer their own company and only meet during mating season.


7. Leafy sea dragon

Closely related to the sea horse, these camouflaged marine creatures blend seamlessly into their seaweed surroundings making them almost impossible to see. Interestingly, like sea horses, it is the male who are the child bearers. They are endemic to eastern Australia.

8. Naked mole rat

Well we don’t have to tell you what this little thing looks like. They are hairless other than the small whiskers that help them to navigate in their subterranean tunnels. These rats can live up to 20 years, something that no other small rodent can do. Once born, they spend their entire lives looking after the rest of the colony and their queen.

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