Why We Sneeze — 10 Facts About Sneezing

Why do we sneeze?

Sneezing is caused by many factors and it must not be associated just with a breathing problem. Sneezing occurs in response to an irritant in the nasal passages. When the nasal passages are irritated, it signals the brain to respond by coordinating the muscles to respond with a forceful expulsion of air to remove the irritant. The irritant that initiates the sneeze can be a variety of things from allergens, dust, mold, or chemical irritants. Of course you also sneeze when you have a cold or a viral infection. As tiny as they are, viruses can cause a great deal of nasal swelling and irritation that can trigger sneezing.

Although your eyes can’t pop out if you sneeze, nor your heart will stop breathing. However, suppressing a hard sneeze can cause a blood vessel rupture in your head or neck which will ultimately lead to death while on the other carrying it out can also result into a rib fracture.

We are presenting here another 10 true facts about sneezing.

  • Your one sneeze adds another 100,000 germs into the s surrounding environment
  • A normal sneeze travels at about 100 miles an hours, equal to 160 kilometers
  • You can’t sneeze while you are sleeping
  • Long sneezing spree was carried out by Donna Griffiths of Worcestershire, England which was carried out for 978 days continously
  • Iguanas is the most sneezing animal in the world
  • “Sternutation” is the medical term used for sneezing – looks of more a complex medical procedure, isn’t it?
  • Humans can’t sneeze with their eyes open and the reason is yet to be found by our medical experts
  • A rare genetic disorder known as Snatiation — a medical disorder characterized by uncontrollable bursts of sneezing brought on by fullness of the stomach, and typically observed in sufferers immediately after a large meal — will cause sneeze after one eats a big meal which results into a full stomach
  • Some people reckon saying “lamp” or “cucumber” after sensing a sneeze on the way which stops it from happening
  • You’ll much lighter after releasing a hard sneeze with both your nose and mouth open

You know any other facts about sneezing which we forget to mention? please let us know via the comments thread.

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