Beluga Whales - Facts File

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The Beluga whales are the smallest species of whales

When we hear the word whale a giant sized monstrous fish comes to our mind, but Beluga whales are just the opposite of it. The Beluga whales are the smallest species of whales and are easily identifiable due to their unique colors and distinctive features. The calves of these whales are born with gray or brown... View Article

10 interesting Facts about Valentine’s Day

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10 interesting Facts about Valentines Day

Love is in the air as it is Valentine’s Day. Now who wouldn’t be familiar with this great day meant for sharing love gestures? Couples desperately wait for 14th February to express their feelings to their partners. Though everyone must be familiar with the day’s history but let’s take a quick look at it. The story... View Article

Mercedes Cars Are Named After A Girl


Who would not be familiar with the famous brand of cars, “Mercedes Benz”; the German brand is responsible for manufacturing high end luxury automobiles which are not only famous for their speed but also for their elegant designs and comfortable drive. Over centuries the company has been successful to win reputation for its durable and quality... View Article

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