Facts About Human Body

So you think you know everything about your body? The human body is so magnificent that having enough knowledge about it is still not enough! Now we might know that we are made up of 100 trillion cells, 22 internal organs, 600 muscles and 206 bones, but there are some other interesting facts that might amaze you. So here they are:

human body Facts

The human body is so magnificent that having enough knowledge about it is still not enough!

1. Guess your real age
Human life stared with the production of the egg that is 0.2mm in diameter, which is equal to a size of a full stop. The most surprising thing is that the egg from which you developed was produced inside your mother when she was herself an embryo. So consider your existence even before your mother’s birth. For example, if your mother conceived you at the age of 25 and your current age is 20 years than you are existing since 45 years.

2. Tongue Prints
It’s not just your finger prints that make you unique from other human but your tongue has prints too and every individual has a different tongue print.

3. Skin Shedding
The skin is the largest organ of our body, an adult man has skin stretched up to 20sq ft. Humans shed about 1.5 pounds of skin particles every year that makes 600,000 skin particles every hour. So by the age of 70 years an average person will shed up to 105 lb of skin.

4. Babies have more bones than an Adult
It is astonishing but true that a small baby has more bones than an adult. When we start our lives as a baby we have 350 bones, these bones then fuse together when we grow up and in the end we are left with 206 bones.

Human bones are very strong. A solid piece of bone relative to a size of a matchbox can support weight up to 9 tons, that’s 4 times more weight a block of concrete with the similar size can support.

5. Renewed Stomach Lining

An interesting fact is that your stomach’s digestive juices are so strong that it can even dissolve zinc. Fortunate for us, the stomach lining is renewed after every 3 to 4 days because if it wouldn’t the strong acids can digest our stomach as well. When you blush the stomach lining also reddens.

6. 25000 quarts of Saliva Production
On average a person produces 25,000 quarts of saliva in a lifetime. That’s enough to fill 2 swimming pools.

7. Human and chimpanzee has same number of hair
It would be hard to believe that humans and chimpanzees have equal number of hair on their bodies the only difference is that human hair is so thin and fine that it makes them almost invisible.

8. Number of Sex cells produced in humans
In females, about ½ a million eggs are produced on average out of which only 400 would have the potential to develop into a baby. Men produce 10 million sperms approximately, every day. They are enough to repopulate the earth in 6 months time.

9. 11 days of sleeplessness can kill you
We all know that we can’t survive without food and water, but have you ever wondered for how many days you can live without sleep? You can survive without sleep for eleven days only, after that you will fall asleep forever!

Also our height increases up to 8mm while sleeping. It is assumed that nerds are dreamiest because people with the higher IQ have a higher frequency of dreams.

10. Lungs have 300,000,000 million capillaries
There are over 300, 000 million capillaries inside the lungs, and if you stretch them out end to end they would cover a distance of 1500 miles that is equal to the distance from Seattle to San Diego.

11. Blood travels 60,000 miles
Our blood travels a long road. It is said that take 60 seconds for the blood cells to complete their path. 2,000 gallons of bloods travels a distance of 60,000 miles in the blood vessels. Also with the gain of every single pound of fat, the traveling distance increases up to 7 miles.

12. Our nose can identify 50,000 scents
We might not have as sharp sense of smell as a dog but still our nose can remember 50,000 different scents.

13. Feet can produce a pint of sweat
Did you know that we have 500,000 sweat glands in our feet which can produce sweat equal to a pint, every day? That’s enough to fill two glasses.

14. Eyelash mites
At a later age humans can have eyelash invaders called eyelash mites. These near to transparent mites can grow up to a size of 1/3rd of a millimeter. They are usually present at the base of the eyelash or eyebrow hair and are only visible under a microscope. Why are they found inside human eye? These creatures tend to grow on old skin cells and sebum produced by follicles of human hair.

15. Blondes have the thickest hair
Blondes have the highest volume of hair out of all hair colors. The hair color also helps to determine the thickness of your hair. An average human has 100,000 hair follicles, where blondes have 146,000, black haired people have 110,000 and brown haired have 100,000 follicles. Redheads have the least volume of hair i.e. only 86,000 follicles.

16. Eye movements
The focus muscles of our eyes move 100,000 times in a day, if you compare it to walking it will make 50 miles. We blink 10,000,000 times in a year.

This concludes our fact list for today but there are many more to come.

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